Vocalize What you Need

Many times you may feel hesitant to speak up for yourself, especially when you need something. Don’t keep silent because you feel that you might be a burden. Value your importance.

Its Okay To Have A Bad Day

When your mental health is suffering, the last thing you need is to feel guilty about it. Don’t feel discouraged if you slip up on one of your resolutions. Everyone makes mistakes and you can start fresh the next day.

Remember You’re Resilient

Practice self-care. Look after your physical health like getting good sleep, staying physically active, and eat healthier.Also, give yourself a break. Reward yourself for achievements.Give yourself a change in scenery by getting fresh air on a walk outside or going to a new coffee shop. Use/build a stable support system. Sometimes you cannot do it alone and that’s okay.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Things can definitely get overwhelming during the year.When stress kicks in and your thoughts are snowballing, pick up a pencil and notebook/journal to let out what you are feeling. Making a to-do list can the tasks in your head jumbled around more manageable.

Keep Your Days Busy

Doing nothing for days might can leave you overthinking or feeling down. Find activities or hobbies that interest you personally. Get involved in the community.

About MHA of Eastern Carolina

Mental Health America of Eastern Carolina (MHAEC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in

Greenville, NC. The organization is dedicated to supporting healthier and happier lives of those affected

by mental health and substance use in Eastern Carolina, through promoting wellness through

prevention, advocacy, and education by partnering to improve accessibility, effectiveness, and

integration of systems. For more information about MHAEC, or to take a free and confidential mental health screening, please visit: www.MHAEC.org