Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.



To promote wellness through prevention, advocacy, and education by partnering to improve accessibility, effectiveness, and integration of systems.


Supporting healthier and happier lives of those affected by mental health and substance use in Eastern Carolina.


People: We believe everyone matters and everyone is important.

Community: We believe it takes every one of us to make a difference.

Commitment: We won’t stop, because the job is never done.

Excellence: We set our standards high, and we hit them.

Accountability: We have to hold each other in check in order to grow.

Collaboration: We each have strengths and weaknesses, and we use each other to lean on.

Integrity: We strive to do the right thing, the first me, every time.

Awareness: We want everyone to know how, why, and where they can get help.

Innovation: We want to be the best everyday, even in the midst of a changing landscape.

Respect: We value every view because everyone comes from a different perspective.

Strategic Goals

MHAEC offers programs and services to help prevent mental health conditions, identify mental health conditions early, intervene with evidence based practices, integrate behavioral health care with physical care, and achieve recovery for citizens across Eastern Carolina.

  • Decrease the Stigma of Mental Health in the Community

  • Change Legislation to Increase Quality and Delivery of Treatment and Reduce Barriers to Treatment

  • Give Back to the Community through Benevolence and Assistance for Those in Need

  • Be the Organization of Choice for Collaboration and Coordination for Mental Health in Pitt County, and Surrounding Areas

  • Collaborate with and Engage Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers
  • Promote Health and Wellness in the Community
  • Host Networking Events, Trainings, and Conferences Mental Health Providers and Advocates in the Community



Screening can help catch mental health problems early—B4Stage4. Screening is an anonymous, free and private way to learn about your mental health and if you are showing warning signs of a mental illness.

A screening only takes a few minutes, and after you are finished you will be given information about the next steps you should take based on the results. A screening is not a diagnosis, but it can be a helpful tool for starting a conversation with your doctor or a loved one about your mental health.



Getting screened increases the chances of getting treatment.

When positive screening results were given during a primary care visit, doctors were over 3 times more likely to recognize the symptoms of mental illness and to plan to follow up with the patient.

Treatment following screening has been shown to reduce symptoms of mental illness, and the positive effects of treatment are still seen a year later.

The earlier that mental health problems are caught and treated, the less it costs and the better the results.