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Exercise and Mental Health


Alcohol abuse can cause cerebral damage, impaired cognition, poor autonomic nervous control, impaired cardiovascular health, increased levels of stress and anxiety, depression symptoms, and poor quality of life. Some people experiencing these issues may turn to more alcohol to combat the symptoms, but there is a better option: exercise! A study was conducted where [...]

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The Role of Diet in Mental Health


Healthy body, healthy mind! Your brain is an organ, and just like any other, it needs proper nutrition to work optimally. Diet is an important factor in mental health that is often overlooked. Obviously eat your veggies and avoid processed food. But more specifically, below I have outlined some nutrients, their sources, and their benefits [...]

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Sola Amari


Donate Scholarship Application | Benevolence Request The Sola Amari Endowment is a fund inspired by children and adolescents who have shown exuberant amounts of resilience, strength, and hope. They shine their light in this world so strongly despite coming from areas of poverty, environments of abuse or neglect, or other personal hardships. This endowment is dedicated [...]

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Stress Disorders Linked to Autoimmune Disease


Ask yourself, “Am I trying to be better, or look better?” Many are more concerned with the latter, and will even sacrifice their health for their appearance. Additionally, people believe the fallacy that improving their appearance will make them do better in jobs, relationships, and all other areas of life. However, focusing too heavily [...]

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Mental health is a stigma that people seem to fetishize

2020-08-31T09:36:18+00:00 Mental health is a stigma that people seem to fetishize. There are many circumstances to where people contribute to this stigma extensively. When conversing or just making a simple statement, you should be mindful of things you say. Some do this without even realizing what they’re doing, but casually throwing out words such [...]

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Suicide rates are on the rise


Suicide rates are on the rise. Since 2016 the United States suicide rates have increased by 28 percent according to the CDC. In that year, 45,000 Americans committed suicide. As of last week, America was hit with the sudden deaths of two celebrities; Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Both of whom took their own [...]

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​History of Mental Health


The world’s view on mental health is rapidly changing as the proper individuals continue to spread awareness and education on what mental health entails. In early history, mental illnesses corresponded with religion. Those living during these times believed that mental illness was a form of religious punishment or demonic possession. Due to them associating [...]

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​Social Media and Mental Health


Social media is one of the most influential platforms today. Promotion of any type of, “lose weight fast” diet scheme can create a negative message about what one should eat and how much to consume. Unfortunately, once people have obtained the mentality that food is the enemy, it can lead to very unhealthy eating [...]

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Manipulating Images to Feel Better


A team of British researchers have found that manipulating images of women’s bodies can help women feel better when looking at the photo.This improved how the female recipient of the feels about their body when looking at the photo a woman tweaked to look slightly overweight. Dr. Helen Bould, a psychiatrist at Oxford University [...]

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Eating Disorders


Everyone knows that disordered eating has a negative effect on physical health, but it can also cause other mental health problems. A prospective longitudinal study showed that disordered eating is a significant risk factor for future depression and bullying by peers. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorders are more common among females, but [...]

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