Suicide rates are on the rise

Suicide rates are on the rise. Since 2016 the United States suicide rates have increased by 28 percent according to the CDC. In that year, 45,000 Americans committed suicide. As of last week, America was hit with the sudden deaths of two celebrities; Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Both of whom took their own lives. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. However, the National Institute of Health has been funding dietary supplements more, than suicide prevention studies. While diseases such as H.I.V. and heart disease had as many deaths per year as suicide, their rates in deaths have been dropping over time due to prevention and solutions. Suicide continues to be an unaddressed medical problem surrounded by negative stigma, however 90% of individuals who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder. Also, since most studies in mental health interventions exclude suicidal subjects, it is hard to identify what treatments are most effective at preventing suicides. Although a John Hopkins study of Danish patients, did show that deaths by suicide were significantly lower in individuals who went to 6 to 10 talk therapy sessions. While an improvement in psychiatric care would help lower the rates of suicide. It is also important to address that many suicidal individuals don’t talk about or show any inclination of suicidal tendencies. Dr. Matthew Nock, a professor of psychology at Harvard, helped develop a mobile app called Therapeutic Evaluative Conditioning, which was successful at intervening suicidal plans by 45 percent and self-injurious behaviors by 37 percent. Another promising study that was on suicidal soldiers, found that 40 percent of those who received traditional treatments went on to attempt suicide again. However, only 14 percent of those who received brief cognitive behavioral therapy made another attempt at suicide.America’s lack of addressing suicide head on may cause more public figures to commit suicide; society will begin to focus on the subject and the awareness will help to increase studies on how to prevent suicides and reoccurring attempts.