Mental health is a stigma that people seem to fetishize

Mental health is a stigma that people seem to fetishize. There are many circumstances to where people contribute to this stigma extensively. When conversing or just making a simple statement, you should be mindful of things you say. Some do this without even realizing what they’re doing, but casually throwing out words such as depressed because someone died on your favorite TV show belittles real mental health problems and those who suffer from it. In recent light, unfortunately more mass shootings have been committed and it seems the first thing that always comes to mind is that it’s a “mental illness.” This falsely sends a message about mental health disorders. It’s inconspicuously attacking, judging, and labeling those who deal with a mental illness. Being that for some it is unintentional, we still should prioritize addressing our own biases and prejudices. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/showing-mental-health-stigma_us_5ae50d3de4b055fd7fcc52db

From Visually.