Stress Disorders Linked to Autoimmune Disease

A Swedish study, called JAMA, has found that stress-related psychiatric conditions may increase the risk for contracting autoimmune disease. The study was conducted on 10,464 patients with severe stress condition, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress reaction or adjustment disorders. These individuals were compared to 1,1064,640 people free of stress disorders and 126,652 of the people being their stress-free siblings. During an average of 10 years’ worth of follow-up, 8,284 cases of autoimmune disease were found in the individuals diagnosed with stress disorder, 57,711 among those without and 8,151 among the unstressed siblings. The study found that individuals with stress-related disorders were 36 percent more likely to have an autoimmune disease and 28 percent more likely than their unstressed siblings. Patients with PTSD were at an increasingly high risk, being at a 46 percent more likely to develop an autoimmune illness. Early Treatment for these stress-related disorders is important in preventing an autoimmune illness.