​Stress Disorders Linked to Autoimmune Disease

A Swedish study, called JAMA, has found that stress-related psychiatric conditions may increase the risk for contracting autoimmune disease. The study was conducted on 10,464 patients with severe

Suicide rates are on the rise

Suicide rates are on the rise. Since 2016 the United States suicide rates have increased by 28 percent according to the CDC. In that year, 45,000 Americans committed suicide. As of last week, Am

​History of Mental Health

The world’s view on mental health is rapidly changing as the proper individuals continue to spread awareness and education on what mental health entails. In early history, mental illnesses correspo

​Social Media and Mental Health

Social media is one of the most influential platforms today. Promotion of any type of, “lose weight fast” diet scheme can create a negative message about what one should eat and how much to consume

Manipulating Images to Feel Better

A team of British researchers have found that manipulating images of women’s bodies can help women feel better when looking at the photo.This improved how the female recipient of the feels about th

Eating Disorders

Everyone knows that disordered eating has a negative effect on physical health, but it can also cause other mental health problems. A prospective longitudinal stu

Mental Health Week Michigan State University

This week at Michigan State University is their mental health week. Their goal for this week is to educate the students and community about the stigma on mental health while striving to end th

Exercise and Mental Health

Alcohol abuse can cause cerebral damage, impaired cognition, poor autonomic nervous control, impaired cardiovascular health, increased levels of stress and anxiety, depression symp

Nominate someone for MHAEC's Board of Directors.

Nominate someone for MHAEC's Board of Directors.

Mental Health America of Eastern Carolina is requesting nominations for the board of directors, the advisory council, and the organization'

Mental Health Care at a Women’s Center in Kansas City

Mental Health Care at a Women’s Center in Kansas City

In 2013, a new Women’s Center in Kansas City called City Rescue Mission has begun reconstruction of their program to add mental health

The Role of Diet in Mental Health

Healthy body, healthy mind! Your brain is an organ, and just like any other, it needs proper nutrition to work optimally. Diet is an important factor in mental health that is often overlooked. Obvi

Two African American Pioneers in Mental Health

Two African American Pioneers in Mental Health

Mental Health America of Eastern Carolina works locally to raise awareness about mental health. Historically, communities of color experience

Ask yourself, "Am I trying to be better, or look better?"

Ask yourself, "Am I trying to be better, or look better?" Many are more concerned with the latter, and will even sacrifice their health for their appearance. Additionally, people believe the fall

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Mental Health

Vocalize What you Need

Many times you may feel hesitant to speak up for yourself, especially when you need something. Don’t keep silent because you feel that you might be a burden. Value

Think Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms are Just for Addicts? Think Again

When you think of someone going through opiate withdrawal, do you picture a drug addict writhing in agony in bed? If their regular usage is high, you're probably right. That person will be in miser

Would You Know When You’ve Gone Too Far?

Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable. But people experience symptoms of mental illnesses differently—and some engage

Internet Addiction

The Internet is a wild and wonderful place which has forever changed the way we live, learn, and work – but when a person can’t find a balance between their time online and their time offline, it c

Prescription Drug Misuse

Prescription medications are an important part of treating many health issues and are used effectively by millions of people; however, when misused they become the problem instead of the solution.

Marijuana Use

With laws in many states allowing the use of marijuana under a variety of circumstances, it is important to understand how it can affect mental health and when its use becomes a serio